Time is now a recognized control in NYC

-Potentially hazardous items (ready to eat/prepared food) may be held out of temperature for up to 4 hours before being discarded as long as the time and temperature are labeled from the beginning
-These potentially hazardous items may be held out of temperature for up to 6 hours if time and temperatures are labeled every 2 hours
-Time must be recorded along with temperature at the start of service
-Foods that are produced from ambient ingredients have 4 hours to get back to 41°F
-Closed drink containers are permitted in the kitchen
-Violations are based on number of items no longer pounds of product
NYC DOH has removed most of the Administrative violations from the score sheet
-Fruit Flies are now going to be a critical violation (formerly a general violation)
-Covered garbage containers
-Number of cans that are swollen, leaking or rusted and not segregated from food products
-Food workers can use utensils on ready to eat foods without wearing gloves, WHO DOES and WHO DOESN’T

Completed HACCP plan is submitted to the DOHMH
Disseminate information to the site management
-Review all the programs for compliance to HACCP
Review existing documentation for accuracy
-Check that all supplies meet or exceed the plan
-Call your third party auditor
Find the best place to display your grade
-All HACCP plans need to be reviewed and then submitted to the DOHMH for approval
-Any information that we collect from reviews and even this presentation need to be sent to all management
-All audits need to follow a HACCP compliance format
Check that you have the correct chemicals, temperatures, recording devices, documents test strips, etc.